The Smalley Family

Our Story

We are Keith and Amy Smalley, and we were married back in 2019 in the beautiful state of Florida. We spent our honeymoon in a Class A Motorhome at Fort Wilderness and instantly I (Amy) was hooked!

Prior to meeting my husband I had never been in an RV or even camped (unless you call staying at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness camping, then I may have gone a few times). We had the opportunity to buy our own travel trailer and we ran towards it!

After a lot of researching, and many YouTube videos later, we made the decision to purchase our Wildwood FSX 178BHSK. We had a few “major” items we really wanted to have in a RV and so we finally found the “ONE” that had everything we could have imagined and so much more. 

After we took a couple trips in our Forest River Wildwood FSX 178BHSK. We decided we needed to go bigger and this was something we have decided to do as entertainment. We then upgraded to a Keystone Bullet 330BHS. We have made some amazing memories camping and we do hope that you find our website to be helpful in picking out some campgrounds to visit!

While we wish we could RV full time, unfortunately our jobs are not able to go out on the road. Plus it would not be fun trying to homeschool two kids who love going to a brick and mortar school. So while our home lifestyle doesn’t afford us the opportunity to go explore during the school year, we take advantage of the summer time and long weekends to get our camping in.

Why Follow Us

We have fun in rain or shine

We try to be entertaining

Keith has extensive knowledge of the RV realm

We want to bring you fun RV content through our love of travel and our quirky selves. 

Enjoying our camping experience.